Materials & Sizes


Stainless steel

All our jewellery are carefully handcrafted with stainless steel materials. Sustainability is very important to us and we therefore want the jewellery to last for a long time. Stainless steel keeps its color and doesn’t stain. All our jewellery is nickel free.

Glass beads

The beads we use in our jewellery are made of glass. This makes the jewellery look more luxurious than if we would use plastic. Glass beads may seem very fragile, but they are actually very strong. So no need to worry about that.

Natural stones

For the jewellery that contain stones, we only work with real natural stone. Often also in their own, natural color, but sometimes they have been touched up with paint to make them a little bit more striking. The exact stones used are always indicated in the product description.


Ring sizes

With rings we work with sizes small, medium and large. Not sure which size you have? Then you can measure a ring that already fits you. Measure the diameter of the inside of the ring. Then find out below which size you have.

S (16mm diameter)
M (17mm diameter)
L (18mm diameter)

Necklaces & bracelets

Would you like a necklace or bracelet in a smaller or larger size? Since we make everything by hand, this is possible with (almost) everything. Send an email to and we will help you further.