We are Loua. A brand with jewellery for the young woman. Every single piece is handmade in The Netherlands. We let us get inspired by nature’s beauty and strive to offer you rich materials without the big price tag. Loua Jewels is a brand that inspires and makes you dream. She thinks out of the box, but also keeps up with the trends. #WEARELOUA


Every piece of jewellery is carefully handcrafted by Yente Friederichs, the founder of Loua Jewels. She designs and makes every single piece of jewellery that slides over the counter. We believe it makes it more personal and durable.

We believe in value for money. That’s why we think every piece should be long-lasting but low in price. We work with durable products as stainless steel, natural stones and glass beads. At Loua Jewels we create jewellery for everyone, for every day.